B++ 81% (2007)
B 2.74 CGPA (2013)

College with
Potential for

Microbiology (Self Financed)

Cource Duration
Bechelor Degree : 3 years(Six Semesters)

Aims and Objectives

Microbiology subject offers wide range of applications in the areas of medical science, pathogenesis, health care, Pollution management and environmental science. In our institute we provide an ideal environment for the over all development of student. By specifically targeting Microbiology study we provide all required infrastructure and education facility with hgily qualified faculty members. Our aim is to develop keen interest and understating of subject which is help full to student in shaping professional carrier.

Career opportunities

  • Pharmaceutical sector.
  • Medical and research institutes.
  • Microbial ecology sector.
  • Government and private public health care departments.
  • Academics.

Departmental activities

  • GSBTM sponsored crash work shops.
  • Research projects.
  • Paper and poster presentation at national and state level conferences.
  • Other non subjective extra curricular activities.
  • Our department has been recognized as Capacity Building Cell by Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM), Government of Gujarat. We are only center in the North Gujarat region out of six state centers,
  • As a part of this we organize Crash Workshops for the preparation of national and state level competitive exams.
  • Research projects.
  • Paper and poster presentation in national and state level conferences.

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