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Dr.Indu Dayal Meshri Department of Biotechnology

Biotechnology(Self Finance)

Course Duration
Bechelor Degree : 3 years (Full Time)
Master Degree : 2 years (Full Time)

Aims and Objectives

Biotechnology is a major growth industry world wide. Every day new exciting developments take place in the various fields like biochemistry, genetic engineering microbiology, medicine, agriculture, horticulture and forensic science. We offer best educational environment and relevant skills to meet the recent opportunities of developing world.

  • To promote quality in Biotechnology education and training in the North Gujarat region of the state.
  • To create awareness about the benefits & perceived risks of Biotechnology intervention in (i) sustainable development and utilization of nature recourses (ii) Human animals, plant health and (iii) environmental protection.
  • To assist students to fashion their career in the field of Biotechnology.

Career Opportunities

After completing B.Sc. students can go for higher studies so as to find themselves placed in :

  • Pharmaceuticals firms
  • Public and Private R & D centers
  • Agriculture & Fertilizers firms
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Medicine
  • Food Technology
  • Bio-informatics Depts. Various Institute/Firms eg. IITs, CCMB, Wipro etc.

Departmental Activities

  • Poster Presentation
  • Paper Presentation
  • Quiz Competition
  • Students Corner
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Project Work
  • Study Tour

B.Sc. Biotechnology ( 3 Years)

Semester I Paper-I Introduction to Biotechnology & Cell Biology
Semester II Paper-II Fundamental of Biometrics, Bio computing & Biochemistry
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Second Year B.Sc Paper-III Basic Aspects of Cellular Metabolism
Paper-IV Fundamentals of Immunology & Genetics
Paper-V Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology
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Third Year B.Sc Paper-VI Bioprocess & Biochemical Engineering
Paper-VII Genetics & Molecular Biotechnology
Paper-VIII Principles of Biotechnology Applied to Plants & animals
Paper-IX Environmental Biotechnology
Paper-X Relevant Topics in Biotechnology
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M.Sc. Biotechnology ( 2 Years)

Semester I BT 101 Cell Biology
BT 102 Biochemistry
BT 103 Instrumentation and analytical technique
BT 102 Research Methodology & Professional practices in Microbiology
BT 102 Based on Paper 101 to 104
Semester II BT 201 Genetics & Molecular Biology
BT 202 Biodiversity
BT 203 Biostatistics and computer application
BT 204 Environmental Biotechnology
Practical II Based on Paper 201 to 204
Semester III BT 301 Genetic Engineering
BT 302 Biology of the Immune System
BT 303 Microbial Technology
BT 304 Environmental Biotechnology
Practical III Based on Paper 301 to 304
Semester IV Project Project work and General Viva
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