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Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

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The institute has been organizing following activities for the all round development of students.

  • Celebration of cultural and national festivals.
  • Participation in youth festival of university.
  • Quiz and Debate competition.
  • Student seminar and group discussion.
  • Industrial Tour, Academic Tour, Botanical Tour, visit of various Research Institute.
  • Participation and paper presentation at state & National level scientific seminars/conferences.
  • Science in Nature - Club activity
  • Sports Day Celebration
  • Organization of state level & University level seminar at College
  • Personality Development & Communication skills Development Seminars & Lecturers.
  • Felicitation of scholar students at university examination and other activities.
  • Health Activity

    Thalesamia Testing Camp

  • Alumni Association
  • Parent/Guardian Association
  • MoU with various N.G.Os. & G.Os.
  • Carrier Guidance Cell

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